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Category : 2011

Training on saving and credit for tea cooperatives 2012

Training on tea processing ,tasting and packing for tea cooperatives, 2012

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Category : Others

Closing program of Business plan preparation training of Processing unit of Cooperative 2012

15th National tea day ,celebration in Jhapa , Chairman of CTCF providing wellcome speech

CTCF deligation team providing the tea issues for Constitution assimbly chaiman in 2011

14th National Tea Day celebration in Ilam , jointly organized by CTCF and NTCDB

Category : 2015

4th annual general meeting of CTCF Nepal

AFA membership distirbution ceremony

Group Presentation in ToT on Mycoop

Hon.Ministry of Agriulture and Development speaking on the Meeting

Category : Second FACT Participatory Lesson Learned Workshop 2015

Opening Session

Facilitators Jun and Rabin facilitating the workshop

Participants of Second FACT Lesson Learned Participatory Workshop

Category : 5th AGM of CTCF

5th AGM

5th AGM

Category : Tea Tasting Ceremony

Tea tasting ceremony

CTCF Staff preparing for Tea tasting ceremony

Category : FACT Workshop training 2017

Participants of FACT workshop to the DTCFs

FACT workshop to the Board member of CTCF