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Closing program of Business plan preparation training of Processing unit of Cooperative 2012

15th National tea day ,celebration in Jhapa , Chairman of CTCF providing wellcome speech

CTCF deligation team providing the tea issues for Constitution assimbly chaiman in 2011

14th National Tea Day celebration in Ilam , jointly organized by CTCF and NTCDB

Chairman of HOTPA in 2010 Mr . Dipak Baskota and CTCF team discussing about tea developing issues in HOTPA Office

CTCF presenting issues of tea with Respective Speaker Subash Chandra Nembang in 2011

CTCF presenting tea issues to Vice Chairman of National Planing Commission in 2010

Discussion meeting with Agriterra Visit mission team and CTCF- 2012

lobby with ministry of Finance and central cooperatives federations -2012

welcome to Prof. Su Zhucheng form china in CTCF office 2012