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Environment and climate of Terathum district is very suitable for tea cultivation and space land for tea cultivation widely available so farmers of Terathum are actively participating in tea cultivation. Initially for the proper management of tea farming and to develop tea farming as permanent sources of income, Small Tea Farmer District Federation Terathum was established in Terathum district. According to the objectives and guideline of small tea farmer district federation, many tea producers and tea farmer\'s group were established. To protect and conserve the right of tea cooperatives and tea farmer\'s group need of district federation was realized. So in 9 Sept. 2010, Tea Producer Cooperative Federation Ltd Terathum was established. Currently 9 primary cooperative are associated in this federation.


Extension of orthodox tea in Terathum District

Self-dependence, Prosperous farmer are the bases of Cooperation


To improve the living standard of tea farmer by motivating for the professional and qualitative organic tea production and marketing support to the produced tea through cooperative.


Institutional development, physical development, technical development and sustainability of member cooperative by identify the sources of income with the help of coordination with national and international organizations and saving and credit program through associating tea cooperative within the federation and improve the living standard of farmers by  organic tea farming, quality production, establishment of tea processing unit, marketing management and generating employment opportunities.


  • Develop and promote primary cooperative and subjective federation within the coverage area.
  • To support member cooperatives and subjective federation for the professional and economic development.
  • To support for the production of tea sampling and marketing
  • To maintain support and coordination with in the primary cooperative and subjective federation
  • To support member cooperative for input supply and marketing support for produced commodities,
  • To organized professional and commercialized activities for the financial improvement of member cooperative
  •  To support member cooperative for the professional, economical, technical and social development
  • To associate cooperative in district federation
  • To motivate tea related group to join tea producer cooperatives,
  • To motivate member cooperative for the quality production by implementing international code of conduct of tea and to motivate member cooperative for organic farming
  • To emphasize member cooperative to establish tea processing unit by strengthening their capabilities 
  •  To produce organic tea with interrupting the objective and function of cooperatives, governmental, non-governmental, international non-governmental organizations.
  • To focus for the institutional development  of member cooperatives
  • To motivate and support for the production of technical manpower
  • To support for the professional and commercialized tea farming
  • To support tea tourism by protecting the environment and nature, 

Activities doing of Cooperative federation:

  • Help cooperatives to manage their daily works.
  • Help to implementation action plane.
  • Conducting technical, entrepreneurship and cooperative   awareness training.  
  • Conducting different program with different stakeholders
  • Helping to keep their account.
  • Helping to fix green leaf price and agriment wit factory.