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Tea Producer Cooperative Federation Ltd Lalitpur 


A decision was taken in Ilam Fikkal in the course of excursion visit to Ilam, and Pachthar organized by the Everest Tea Company to establish tea producer cooperatives in each village development committee (VDC) of south mid part of Lalitpur and District Tea producer Cooperative Federation Lalitpur in 15 April, 2010. According to the mandate of Fikkal meeting, tea farmers preliminary meetings were organized to established tea producer cooperative with the name which represents particulars place. Represents of each cooperative nominated by those preliminary meeting Tea Producer Cooperative Federation Ltd. Lalitpur was establish in 21 April 2011. DTCF Lalitpur is supporting to organize annual general meeting of all cooperatives at once and distributing tea sampling proportionately. Various workshop, training, visit and motivational activities are being conducted by DTCF Lalitpur. Currently 10 primary cooperatives are the member of this federation. 


Development of tea cooperative, Prosperous and balanced environment, outcomes of Society.


Institutional development, extension of professional organic tea farming and qualitative production, establishment of tea processing unit, marketing management by associating tea cooperative within the federation and improve living standard of farmers in terms of social, economical and cultural by creating employment opportunities, developing tea tourism through balanced environment and prosperous society.


  • Improve living standard of farmer by motivating tea farmers for professional and qualitative organic tea production and marketing management of produced and manufactured tea.


  • To provide required services to member cooperatives for tea cultivation, establish tea processing unit, marketing management, improved technology, improve quality etc.
  • To mange buying, selling and market for produced tea.
  • To reduce soil erosion by protecting environment and maintaining healthy environment through tea cultivation practices.   
  • To motivate member to work jointly by the cooperation.
  • To supply internal demand of tea and export.
  • To communicate member about the spirits of self-dependence, mutual help and economy behavior.
  • To manage training for technical knowledge about tea cultivation
  • To support the program of National Cooperative Development Board or Non-government Organization and  District Tea Producer Association (DTPA)
  • To develop tea tourism
  • To coordinate and lobby for soft loan with financial institution and mobilize to operate business to reduce the scarcity of capital in the cooperatives. 
  • To received grants and charity without any condition form the donor organization and maintain coordination and mutual help with the local, regional, national and international organization having similar objectives.
  • To provide organic fertilizer and pesticides and to reduce the expenditure burden through the cooperative shop by providing daily consumption goods at lower price.
  • To conduct daily activities within the boundary of the Cooperative Act, Regulation and By laws for the prosperity and development of member cooperative and federation and acquire fixed assets, conduct merchandising, and exchanging function, transformation of ownership and keep deposit and collateral.