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Dhankuta District is beautiful district as touristic area located at eastern hilly region. As being the head quarter of Eastern region many important stakeholders, institution are operated in Dhankuta District. Majority of the people are depending up on agriculture among them people are involving in cash crop. Tea, large cardamom, round chilly, ginger, broom etc are the major cash crop of this district. Tea cultivation was started by establishing a tea farmer\'s group in each VDC. These farmer\'s group were everywhere and work was very difficult.  So in the Year 2009, to solve the problem of tea farmers through cooperative District Tea Cooperative Federation Dhankuta was established by associating all tea farmer\\\'s group. Formally DTCF Dhankuta was registered in Division Cooperative Office Dhankuta in 2066 BS with 8 primary cooperatives. First preliminary meeting was conducted on 05 Kartik of 2067 BS and DTCF Dhankuta was officially registered on 23 Kartik 2066. Currently 9 cooperative are the member of DTCF Dhankuta. DTCF Dhankuta has successfully completed second annual general meeting by electing board member with 11 executive member and audit and supervision committee with 3 members.

Vision :

Professional organic farming, long term development of tea cultivation

Prosperous associated farmers, outcomes of the cooperativeness


To improve living standard of tea farmers through cooperative by professionalized and modernized farming, motivating for the qualitative organic tea production and reasonable marketing management.


  • Institutional development of tea cooperative by associating in the federation
  • Qualitative organic tea production
  • support to establish tea processing unit and marketing management of manufactured tea
  • Improve living standard of farmers by generating employment opportunities.


  • Develop and promote primary cooperative and subjective federation within the coverage area.
  • To support member cooperatives and subjective federation for the professional and economic development.
  • To support for the production of tea sampling and marketing
  • To maintain support and coordination with in the primary cooperative and subjective federation
  • To support member cooperative for input supply and marketing support for produced commodities,
  • To organized professional and commercialized activities for the financial improvement of member cooperative
  •  To support member cooperative for the professional, economical, technical and social development
  • To associate cooperative in district federation
  • To motivate tea related group to join tea producer cooperatives,
  • To motivate member cooperative for the quality production by implementing international code of conduct of tea and to motivate member cooperative for organic farming
  • To emphasize member cooperative to establish tea processing unit by strengthening their capabilities 
  • To produce organic tea with interrupting the objective and function of cooperatives, governmental, non-governmental, international non-governmental organizations.