News : MAAS international from Netherlands started to buy orthodox tea form Tinjure Tea Producer cooperative Society ltd, Fakphok Ilam

November 16, 2016, Ilam
With the support of Agriterra Netherlands and coordination with Central Tea Cooperative Federation Ltd. (CTCF), MAAS International a private company taking care of all food and beverage need in the out of the market at governments business and institutes (B&I) from Netherlands started to buy the orthodox tea from Tinjure Tea Producer Cooperative Society Ltd Fakphok Ilam. A 3 days workshop for company assessment has been conducted on 5-8 August 2016 for the in-depth understanding on the organization's current development level, interest and feasibility to join the program and need for capacity building support with by the Agriterra in the presence of Willem Paulus, Trijhan Sing Business Advisor of Agriterra Netherlands, Marc Van Houten, Purchase director of MASS International Rabin Rai General Secretary of CTCF, Yogesh Dahal Financial and Administration officer of CTCF and Executive member, Management team and other member of Tinjure. The workshop assessed the opportunities for the partnership in business development between Tinjure, CTCF, MAAS and Agriterra. Tinjure exported 20 kgs of Golden and delight tea to MASS international as pilot transaction with direct support of Central Tea Cooperative Federation CTCF Nepal. With the coordination of CTCF Nepal, MASS international has already appointed a Marketing and Business Development Coordinator for 3 months to support export tea form Tinjure. MASS has also supported an accountant for the better financial management of Tinjure Tea Producer Cooperative Society ltd. MASS will continue the support after analyzing the results of first 3 months.