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Message from Chairman
Tea farming in Nepal was started in 1920 B.S (1963 A.D) in Ilam by Gajaraj Thapa, and since 2028 B.S (1971 AD) informati...
CTCF lobby and advocacy to favorable policy and enable its member tea cooperatives by providing support services, marketing to run their professional businesses in organic tea farming an environmental friendly way .
Sustainable tea cooperative, Prosperous farmers

Notice for 5th Annual General Meeting

Date: 2072/11/17 (29 Feb 2016)

CTCF would like to inform that the Board meeting held on 15 Falgun 2072 (27 Feb 2016) decided to conduct 5th Annual General Meeting of Central Tea Cooperative Federation Ltd CTCF Nepal on 13 Chaitra 2072 (26 March 2016) and invite to all representative of member federation, cooperatives for the discussion of to the agendas and schedule as below,

Agendas of AGM

  • Report of Chairperson on the behalf of Executive Member
  • Report of Account Coordinator on the behalf of Internal Audit and Supervision Committee
  • Annual Audit Report of the fiscal year 2071/72
  • Proposed activities, policies and budget for the fiscal year 2072/73
  • Discussion and approval of Election Guideline of CTCF
  • Appointment of External Auditor and remuneration
  • Selection of representative person 1 form Executive Committee and 2 from primary Cooperatives to sign the minute of annual general meeting
  • Miscellaneous


               Date: 2072 Chaitra 13 Saturday

               Time: 10:00 a.m.

               Venue: Training Hall of Sungava, Ilam 

Other necessary information for AGM

  • Representative of cooperative must bring authorized recommendation letter from respective federation/cooperative and any one document which can disclose identity clearly. 
  • Only one person can represent one Federation/Cooperative
  • All travelling expenses and living expenses including food, snack should bear by the respective federation/cooperative.

Note: It is requested to pay annual service fee payable to CTCF according to profit stated by Annual Audit Report, (Rs 300 if loss or profit is less than 30,000, 1% of profit amount between 30000-400000 profit, Rs 4000 above 400000 profit)


Rabin Rai                                                                                                              Govinda Prasad Dahal

General Secretary                                                                                                           Chairperson