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Message from Chairman
May 21 International Tea Day which is declared by the UN. Lets celebrate this day to promote Nepalese tea production and...
CTCF lobby and advocacy to favorable policy and enable its member tea cooperatives by providing support services, marketing to run their professional businesses in organic tea farming an environmental friendly way .
Sustainable tea cooperative, Prosperous farmers


Sustainable Tea Cooperatives, Prosperous Farmers


CTCF lobby and advocacy to enableand enable it's Member Tea Cooperatives by providing support services, marketing to run their professional businesses in organic tea farming an environmental friendly way.


To provide quality services to member cooperatives, develop skilled human resources and develop organizational capacities of member cooperatives by 2025. 

Key goals:

Goal-1: Professional and strengthen institutional capacities of tea cooperatives in Nepal

Goal- 2: Intensified representation and lobby and advocacy

Goal-3: Improve skill for quality tea production and cooperative enterprise

Goal-4: Improved cooperative tea marketing

Goal -5: Sustainability of CTCF and its member cooperatives


  • 70% cooperatives professionally engaged in cooperative tea enterprise and one forth member cooperative conduct profitable business by the end of 2025.
  • 40 cooperatives engage in improved production practices (Organic/RFA certification), processing and marketing and 15% of price will increased through better quality and linkage by the end of 2025
  • Lobby and advocacy for tax exemption, cooperative industry and brand registration, quality certification, subsidy on organic inputs, soft loan, and change in National Tea Policy by making representation on Tea Board by the end of 2025.
  • Develop 300 assistant tea technician in tea sector and develop processing & marketing technicians by the end of 2025
  • Develop own 15 cooperative enterprise related human resources (marketing, financial management, cooperative enterprises, business plan, leadership) by the end of 2025
  • Increase domestic and international tea cooperative's market by 50% by the end of 2025
  • Increase internal resources of CTCF and members to cover all core cost and to conduct basic activities by the end of 2025


Core Values of CTCF:

CTCF beliefs in:

  • International Cooperative Principles, Cooperative norms and values
  • Expanding influential harmony and strong networking with national and international organizations
  • Social transformation and environmental balance. 
  • Tea farmers' rights and integration. 
  • Equal treatment to all members and creation of employment in a professional way.
  • Make priority for sustainability and GRID (Green, Resilient and Inclusive Development) in all activities.

Target Groups and Priority Areas

Target groups of CTCF are around eighteen thousand small tea farmers and cooperatives who are situated in rural areas of Nepal. The Federation will affiliate all these small tea farmers to organize in one umbrella and run their organic tea farming that will assist in social change, economic upgrade, cultural transformation and creating a sustainable environment for its member cooperatives. CTCF gives priority to sustainability in its activities. CTCF Nepal also adopt GRID (Green, Resilient and inclusive development) concept while designing and implementing its program.

The Federation as an umbrella organization will assist in institutional development of cooperatives, increase in production, technology transfer, access marketing, cooperation and networking. In addition to this, it will also have dialogue, interaction with the state and relevant agencies to make policy changes and reform in acts/legislation for the benefit of tea cooperatives and farmers involved in organic tea farming.

Working Approaches and Strategies

The Central Tea Cooperative Federation (CTCF) will adhere to the following approaches and strategies to implement its support services and activities.

  • The federation will implement its activities by following and incorporating the state law, cooperative act and its policies, international cooperative norms, the bylaws and rules of CTCF.
  • For the betterment of the federation and its member organizations, it will carry out activities with cooperation and networking with Governmental officials, NGOs, INGOs, developments partners and donors.
  • Program will be organized for small tea farmers through the support and direct involvement of District Tea Cooperative Federations and member cooperatives.
  • The federation will make all efforts to develop member organizations, internal sources and resource mobilization.
  • This strategy paper will be implemented and evaluated each year.



The functions of the federation are as follows by abiding prevailing Act, Rules, Directives to obtain objectives.

(1) Production, refining, marketing of green leaf tea.

  • To do publicize of cooperative program  through pupate, poster to promote towards professional production system to organization
  • To promote and conserve the tea organization in central, regional, district and village level.
  • To create employment opportunity by establishing and conduction small, medium  and large tea industries.
  • To arrange production collection, transportation, storage, quality checking, refining      and packing of members.
  • To arrange pesticide and consultancy services regarding agriculture to member             organization.
  • To do promotional works for development of tea tourism.
  • To help in certification to do promotional works to adopt organic tea farming       method to keep balance in natural environment and to produce tea as per international tea demand from tea farming.
  • To mobilize by obtaining loan and grant from other organization or authority.
  • To help to establish tea research centre, Nepalese tea brand and tea market.
  • To arrange to produce expert technicians in tea area in coordination with different authority.                                               

 (2) Empowerment works

  • To arrange training of various sector productions, refining, market management as well as skill, technical and management.
  • To conduct awareness program relating to community health and clean, environment protection, landside and tree plantation.
  • To promote community interest by providing opportunity of various symposium, seminar and training, study and observation tour to members.
  • To provide training regarding cooperative account system, cooperative business promotion cooperative management, marketing and leadership development.
  • To arrange training awareness, symposium, seminar, study, observation tour, pamphlet, poster regarding tea tourism business.

(3)  Social works

  • To do financial and other help as per the capacity of federation at the time of natural         disaster, flood, landslide, earthquake etc. within the working jurisdictio
  • To assist for maintaining natural and bio diversity to use by publicizing regarding toiler arrangement , alternative energy (bio gas, solar) and free smoking oven for environment clean and protection by managing nit to do any type of adverse impact            in environment.
  • To provide report including suggestion by monitoring and supervision regularly to    registrar or authorized person conferred by him/her to improve in activities of federation and organization member.
  • To do necessary work by coordinating subjective cooperative organization.

(4) Lobby and advocacy works

  • To identify the problems, relevant issues of tea farmers and cooperatives and lobby  and advocacy   with  related stakeholders and  the government for the solution .
  • To provide suggestion, advice and feedback to government for preparing tea policy, cooperative policy, act and regulation and support to implementation.
  • To lobby and advocacy with the government and related sectors to change according to situation for implemented unclear policy, rules and regulations, programs.