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Message from Chairman
Tea farming in Nepal was started in 1920 B.S (1963 A.D) in Ilam by Gajaraj Thapa, and since 2028 B.S (1971 AD) informati...
CTCF lobby and advocacy to favorable policy and enable its member tea cooperatives by providing support services, marketing to run their professional businesses in organic tea farming an environmental friendly way .
Sustainable tea cooperative, Prosperous farmers
Tea farming in Nepal was started in 1920 B.S (1963 A.D) in Ilam by Gajaraj Thapa, and since 2028 B.S (1971 AD) information available reveals that small farmer scale tea farming was scaling up in various districts including Ilam. In the year 2039 B.S (1982 AD) five districts namely Ilam, Jhapa, Panchthar, Dhankuta, and Terhathum of Eastern Development Regionwere declared the Tea state and along with which there was increase of involvement of farmers in tea farming, and the involvement of farmers was termendiously increased when National Tea Policy 2057 was decleared by the government. With this in various districts establishment of farmers tea group, cooperatives took place. It is believed that In today’s context there are more than eighteen thousand farmers involved in tea farming, more than eighty thousand people are employed in this sector. 

 To assist in the economic, social, educational and cultural development of members of tea cooperatives and tea coperative association, supporting in the development of business, to play a leading role by tea coopeeratives in the national level cooperative movement including other missions, with an involvement of District tea production cooperatives and Primary tea cooperatives organizations in the year 2066.02.24 (June 7, 2009) first gathering took place in August 12, 2009. Second gathering took place in Ilam that decided to establish Central Tea Cooperative Federation Limited and registring it. Based on the decision on September 16, 2010 it was registered under cooperative department of Nepal Agriculture and Cooperative Ministry of Government of Nepal with the registration number 18/067/068 to work as the central umbrella organization of all tea cooperatives of Nepal. CTCF is only one apex body of the tea cooperatives of Nepal . Currently there are Seventy eight tea cooperatives , five District Tea Cooperative Federations and 4500 house hold members.

Nowdays  this federation is organizing various programs with the cooperation and support from Government of Nepal, National Tea and Coffee Board, National Cooperative Development Board, National Cooperative Federation, Central Federations of likewise nature, National Cooperative Bank, I/NGOs, TEASEC Nepal, SNV/Nepal, Agriterra Netherlands, SIMEN Project, banks and financial institutions, different indusries and companies