Project Name Relief, Recovery, and Reconstruction of the Tea Sector in the Context of the Nepal Earthquake 2015

Supporting Organization
Fondation De Farance

Project summary

Central Tea Cooperative Federation Nepal (CTCF) did rapid assessment of tea farmers in Lalitpur and Ramechhap districts of Nepal with support from the district federation offices. In general, frequent earthquakes that occurred have accounted for huge losses and damages in many parts of Nepal. Those who are survived have lost their homes, sheds, assets, and livestock. The survey shows that most of the people have lost their houses, livestock and sheds and some have completely lost their assets. To bring back to the normal stage, and remove psychological fear from the earthquakes it is necessary to divert their minds it is necessary to engage in income generation activities, counselling, and capacity building in tea processing technology. CTCF seeks both technical and financial support from Fondation de France in this difficult situation of Nepal and promote tea sector.

General Objective 

  • Overall objective of the project is to support earthquake victims engaged in the tea sector in relief, recovery, and reconstruction in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes that occurred in Nepal.

Specific Objective(S)

  • Divert earthquake victims towards relief and recovery pathways by engaging them in the agricultural activities such as livestock, vegetables, and regular tea business.
  • Entrepreneurship development and business mentoring for development of the orthodox tea sector.

Target Population

Number of families who will benefit directly


Number of families who will benefit indirectly


The number of young people (less than 20 years old) who will benefit


Expected Results:

Result 1 (R1):

200 tea farmers who are victims of devastating earthquakes directly benefited by the nine (9) collection centre owned by their cooperatives for regular collection of tea, vegetables, and milks.

Result 2 (R2):

200 earthquake victims (tea farmers) able to jump start tea farming, business and processing.


Activity Title R1:

Construction of cooperative offices with community collection centre

Activity Title R2 a:

Training on entrepreneurship development and business skills

Activity Title R2 b:

Provide office equipments to Cooperatives

Activity Title R2 c:

3 days technical training (9 events) on tea cultivation, pruning, plucking, weeding, composting, etc.; to 200 farmers.

Activity Title R2 d:

3 days tea manufacturing (Tea processing) training for 18 tea technician for making quality tea.

Activity Title R2 e:

Coaching and implementing business plan

Activity Title R2 f:

Follow-up and monitoring

 Budget Summary


14,977,059.77 NPR

Requested grants to Fondation de France

11,981,647.82 NPR

Contribution of CTCF and Cooperatives

2,995,411.95 NPR