Project Name Capacity building of District Tea Cooperative Federation(DTCFs) 2012

Supporting Organization
SNV ,Nepal
2012 August to December


  1. To systematize marketing initiative for orthodox tea produced by the cooperatives.
  2. Develop operational plan and management of MTP units.
  3.     Enhance the capacities of MTPs on post production handling for orthodox tea produced by the Co-operatives.
  4.     To develop tea cooperative brand logo.


Within a program period, the following activities were carried out:

  1. Capacity building of mini tea processing units on `Post  Production Handling` technology such as tea tasting, storing, branding, sorting, cleaning etc.
  2. Training on operation plan and management for establishing MTP units
  3. Design and hosting of CTCF website with a focus on marketing communication of new branded tea produced by cooperatives to a larger audiences
  4. Publication of regular “Tea Newsletter “to deliver messages to the tea farmers raising awareness on production of tea at the local level
  5. New BRAND name registration as a trade mark of orthodox tea produced by cooperatives

 Major Achievements  

  1. 17 coopeatives Gain technical knowldge on post production handling .
  2. 15 tea coopertives gain knowldge  on make operational plan and management of mini processing unit .
  3. CO-OPERATIVES\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' TEA  Logo designed and process in registertion.
  4. Website of CTCF designed and under construction .
  5. Tea news letters publication document prepared.