Project Name Economic security of smallholders through tea value chain enhancement

Supporting Organization
King Baudouin Foundation (KBF), Working together for a better society.

Name of Organization:

Central Tea Cooperative Federation Limited (CTCF) Nepal


Ilam Municipality 9, Sera Ilam

Project implementation areas

Ilam, Jhapa, Panchthar and Tehrathum districts  

About Project:

The project contributes to sustainable economic, social, and environmental benefits for 1500 smallholder tea farmers in Ilam, Jhapa, and Tehrathum districts of the province 1 in Nepal.

The project is designed to address the challenges mentioned in the Nepal Tea Export Strategy 2017-2021. The project envisioned 4 major goals : i) Good quality of green leaves harvested and delivered to the cooperative Factories, ii) Quality processing and packaging capability developed with acquiring rolling, drying, grading sorting, and packaging machines, iii) Improved products development and marketing among the cooperatives, and iv) Linkage to the domestic and international market .

The project is being implemented by CTCF, 8 primary cooperatives, and Agriterra Nepal. CTCF and Agriterra are jointly implementing the projects on tea production and marketing since 2012 through which the partners involved in the project have experience in working towards bringing sustainable changes in the tea sector of Nepal.


The objective of the project is to increase the income of smallholder tea growers through value chain enhancement. The project will strengthen the small farmers-led cooperatives business with a focus on quality production, value addition, and marketing.

Project Period:

1st January 2022 to 30th Dec 2023

Project Duration:

2 years

Project Activities:

To train 1000 farmers on harvesting methods of Green Leaves

To develop user friendly green leafs harvesting Manuals  

To train 1000 farmers on record keeping of tea farming

To upgrade tea processing plant by purchasing rolling, drying, sorting, grading and packaging machine

To train 8 well machine operator

To develop user-friendly Marketing strategy developed by sales department of 8 cooperatives with the support of Agriterra Nepal machine operating guidelines

To develop promotional materials: 8 videos and 1000 promotional copies of brochures


KBF contribution

USD. 87,500

CTCF contribution

USD. 87,500


USD. 1,75,000